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Welcome to My Fast Medical, your trusted partner for comprehensive and convenient health solutions. We understand that navigating the world of healthcare can be overwhelming and stressful, which is why we're here to provide you with personalized support and guidance from the comfort of your own home. Our team of highly trained and experienced Australian registered health professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve your best health and wellness through a combination of expert advice, cutting-edge technology, and compassionate care. Whether you're looking to get a medical certificate, have a consultation about your health condition, or simply take control of your diet, we're here to support you every step of the way. Get started today and experience the benefits of online health consulting for yourself.

  • Doctor consultations

    Get personalized health advice from licensed GP's anytime, anywhere with our online consult service. Book an appointment and receive expert care for a range of health concerns from the comfort of your own home. Convenient and secure platform. Book now.

  • STI Screening

    Get peace of mind with our confidential STI screening and sexual health consultations. Expert care, fast results, and total discretion.

    STI Screening (Sexual Health) 
  • Referral (Specialist and Psychologist)

    Let us connect you with trusted medical specialists. We offer seamless referrals, with priority appointments, and access to the best care in your area.

  • Medical Certificate

    Get the medical certificate you need, quickly and easily. Our certified doctors provide accurate assessments and timely certificates for work, school, and travel purposes.

    Medical Certificate 
  • Smoking Cessation

    Quit smoking for good with our proven cessation program. Our experienced counselors provide personalized support and resources to help you succeed.

    Quit Smoking 
  • Check-Up Blood Request

    Stay on top of your health with our check-up blood request service. Convenient, reliable, and accurate results to help you take control of your well-being.

    Check Up Blood 
  • Psychology and Mental Wellbeing

    Get personalized mental health support with our online psychology service. From therapy and counseling to personality assessments and mindfulness-based interventions, we're here to help you thrive.

    Get your appointment today 
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